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TSX updates

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Hope everyone who already has a Haswell with TSX is considering playing around with it. Chapter 12 of the optimization manual has a good methology.

There’s currently a push to solve the last issues in the TSX glibc to get the feature in glibc 2.18 including even the most obscure POSIX requirements. A nice solution to still provide deadlocks for PTHREAD_MUTEX_NORMAL has been found now, that doesn’t affect most programs. We also settled on removing support for mutex initializers that disable/enable elision to improve binary compatibility with old glibcs. This has the nice side effect that the glibc can internally ensure that no mutex has a elision flag set, when the CPU does not support RTM. This then allows to shave off at least one more check in the pthread_mutex_lock() fast path.

I published an article describing TSX fallback paths. Every RTM transaction needs a working fallback path, and not doing that properly is a common TSX newbie mistake.

And Roman collected all the available TSX resources in a nice overview page
Also a new version of PCM is available that supports TSX counting (no abort sampling). It doesn’t need a kernel driver, and should work on all Linux, Mac, Windows systems. Having some form of performance counting is fairly important for any TSX tuning

Also a new version of tsx-tools, including HLE and RTM compat headers, has been published.

And the HLE examples in the gcc documentation have been finally fixed to commit (not yet backported to 4.8). HLE requires the operation size of the acquire and release to match, and always aborts the transaction if that is not the case. __atomic_clear always casts the argument to bool for obscure reasons, so if the lock variable is not bool the operand size is likely to mismatch. The fix is to use __atomic_store_n instead, which doesn’t cast the pointer.

There are also some other issues in the HLE intrinsics in 4.8 currently (mostly fixed in 4.9). gcc won’t warn in all cases when it cannot generate HLE for an atomic primitive (e.g. when the primitive does not map to a single x86 instruction). And you still need to enable optimization to use the C++ HLE interface or some more complex __atomic intrinsics, as the gcc backend may otherwise not see the __ATOMIC_HLE_RELEASE flag as a constant.

Right now it is still safer to use the compat headers from tsx-tools which avoid all these problems.

Written by therapsid

June 23rd, 2013 at 10:13 pm