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Andi Kleen is a programmer. He is interested in operating systems (scalability, performance, error handling,
networking), hardware architecture, compilers, cryptography, biology and other areas.

Therapsids are an old group of animals that include humans.


Everything written here is my private opinion and I do not speak for my employer.

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August 1st, 2010 at 10:42 am

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  1. Hi Andi, is the simple-pmu code available anywhere? It seems to be missing from I’ve searched github and came up with nothing.


    Colin Fowler

    19 Dec 11 at 23:11

  2. Hi Andi,

    I am a PhD student working on performance counters at Virginia Tech. Even I am also looking for the simple-pmu code and could not find it at the path provided by you. Can you please help me locate the code and it would be great if you can also provide me pointers to find more information about simple-pmu.



    29 Jan 12 at 23:27

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